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05 October 2009 @ 01:12 pm
Dead Inside || Dean & Castiel || Part I  
Title: Dead Inside || Dean & Castiel || Part I
Character(s): Dean, Castiel
Rating: PG
Finished Making: October 4, 2009
Warning: SPOILERS for Season 3 (because of the clips), 4 & 5! And SLASH!
Summary: AU storyline - What if Dean said 'yes' to Zachariah?
Notes: This video was posted for a SLASH contest by a wonderful friend called ComeOnSlashers on Youtube! ^^
Link: Youtube or Download

- What if Dean said 'Yes' to Zachariah? -

It begins with Castiel sending Dean away from Chuck's house because the archangel was after him and Dean. Lucifer rises after Dean fails to get to Sam in time. When Dean and Sam meet Zachariah again, Zach makes an offer that Dean cannot refuse... and he says 'Yes'.

Castiel, resurrected by who knows what, is immediately there to try to save Dean but he doesn't get there in time. He finds to his horror and anger that Dean had let the angel Michael into him...

But one day when Castiel is out searching for God, Michael greets him... In the process, also waking Dean, whose been only vaguely conscious inside of his own mind. Castiel realizes this (angel mojo sensors maybe?! o.o) and he kisses Dean, trying to make him fight for his own body and push Michael out.

However it doesn't work, and only angers Michael, who was here to discuss something about his host with Castiel. Castiel tells him to 'Let Dean Go' but his efforts were hopeless. Michael vanishes, leaving Castiel without his hunter...

(The last clips are imagines of the next Part II I'm gonna be making. :)


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